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Welcome to The New Canadians  Blog,  about Canada, the food, experience and perspectives from the new Canadians.

The only true natives of Canada are the First Nations people.   All other settlers are the New Canadians who now comprise today’s New Canada.

I am a serial immigrant, married into another family of serial immigrants.  Together, our extended family today consists of relatives from Scotland, Australia, British West Indies, China, Pakistan, Haiti, Sri Lanka, South Africa and the Philippines. Lately, we have categorized our relatives into vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo, carnivorous,  gluten free, lactose free, nut-free, sea-food free due to allergies. (I am not joking!)

A big portion of this blog is about food,  and other parts of this blog are about travel, jobs and careers, business, in other words, about life in Canada from a different perspectives.  Hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing the posts.


Mrs. Beaver

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  • I was surprised to see an article about the Canadian Medical Mission Society where I am one of the founding members. Been trying to find out who wrote it but there is no name — just want to thank the blogger for publishing and circulating our charity event that will support medical-dental-surgical missions to third world ocuntries. We have scheduled the Society’s next mission in February 2012.

  • This is a great blog. Extremely informative. My husband and I have been talking about moving to Canada for about 2 years now, and this is chalked full of information to us to look through as a way to get to know the people and culture. Thank you for the great job!!!.

  • Top Notch Canadian News Blog ! Fresh looking site design – simplistic and modern. Excellent layout that is well organized and uncluttered. Wide range of Canadian news topics – all easy to read and find. Articles are well written, informational and lots of fun to read. Best Wishes!.

  • This blog is labeled “the #1 Canadian blog”, and I can see why. Lots of great posts and fantastic little sections at the bottome of the blog. I particularly like the post titled “How Big Is Your Zuchinni”. Nice job..

  • I love your blog! Very informative site especially for those new in Canada and still hoping for all the best… We are immigrant and living here in Toronto.

  • great site…very unique and different…liked the videos and the content very much. Good navigation, and site relevance…thanks for sharing..
    My great grandfather was a resident of Ontario and then migrated to Buffalo… I have roots in Canada…

  • A blog that offers an insight into the life of Canadian – unmasked! We rarely see such a vivid reflection of the socio-economic characteristics of a population through a blog! But this blog does so in great style….. Amazingly versatile, this blog has every potential to deliver high quality content to its target readers. Keep it up..

  • Technically this site is great, it is laid out in an easy to follow manner, the articles are easy to find and the headings and intro draw you in to read more and more! All the links work great and load quickly. To the content,… I love it, having a family that immigrated from France to New Brunswick (and now Buffalo of all places) I can relate with your articles on here and agree with you on a lot of things! great job! .

  • “#1 Canadian Blog” – I agree with that. Very interesting posts on the landing page about life in Canada. Great layout and good color scheme make your site easy on the eyes. Through in the excellent posts and your site is hard to leave. Will visit you often. Good luck.

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