How to Make No Sew Face Masks

How to Make No Sew Face Masks

No sew face masks is the answer to the face mask shortage around the world. In this pandemic time, face masks, along with toilet paper, pasta are in short supply. For a long time, the western countries resisted the idea of wearing face masks. It was believed that face masks do not help in the prevention of coronavirus, can create false security, and discourage clean hygiene habits.

face mask protection from coronavirus
Image from Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

However, the wind is now blowing in a different direction. Maybe Asia was right all along? CNN article now talks about the use of face masks. Perhaps Asia have been right all along. Their infection rate is lower, and containment of outbreaks is faster.

On March 27, the director general of the Disease Control and Prevention in China said: “The big mistake in the U.S. and Europe, in my opinion, is that people aren’t wearing masks…. when you speak, there are always droplets coming out of your mouth.” With all the mounting evidence, it would be foolish not to heed this advice.

In Vancouver, a homeless charity called Union Gospel Mission has staff and volunteers cranking out creative, colorful face masks for donation to the health care workers who face the shortage of protection gears. While it will not help prevent Covid19, it can help prevent the spread of infected droplets.

We can learn from history by looking at the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. The pandemic lasted from January 1918 to December 1920. It infected 500 million people, which was one fourth of the world’s population. By the time the pandemic ended, it is estimated that between 17 to 50 million people were dead. Let’s hope that we can overcome the Covid19 pandemic with better technology and smart practices.

different types of face masks used during pandemic
Women wear face masks during the Spanish flu pandemic
Bank of Calgary staff wear face masks
Bank employees at Bank of Calgary worked with face masks
face masks common during spanish flu pandemic
office typist wear face masks while at work

Welcome to the new reality. For my own protection, I will self-isolate, social distance as much as I can. However, to resume normal living for the next 12 month, face masks might become a common occurence.

Here are my instructions for a no-sew face mask. All you need is a square piece of cloth, ideally cotton, and 2 hair ties.

Step 1: Use a square piece of handkerchief or bandana
how to add filter to your diy face mask
Step1A place a cut out coffee filter top in the middle of the kerchief
how to make your own bandana face mask
Step 2 Fold the top and bottom flap towards the center
Make your own face mask with no sewing
Step 3 Fold the top flap towards the center
Easy do it yourself bandana face mask
Step 4 Fold the bottom flap towards the center
Step 5 Slide the hair elastic from opposite ends
step by step instructions make your own face mask
Step 6 fold the ends towards the middle
Easy No Sew Do it Yourself Face Mask
Do it yourself bandana face mask
Add sunglass for full protection.
celebrities wearing face masks
Renee Zellweger Colin Hanks Katy Perry wear face masks

Beautiful celebrities wearing face masks set examples for the rest of us to follow. Our health and lives are more important than fashion. Above photo shows Renee Zellweger, Colin Hanks and Katy Perry wearing face masks. Any kind of face masks is better than no face masks.

The top doctor in Canada recently recommended the use of non-medical face masks to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus. Sterile surgical masks should go to health care workers on the frontline battling the coronavirus.

How to make your own face mask
Easy simple instructions how to make no sew face masks

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  • Thanks for sharing this easy to understand how-to. With masks being harder to come by, this is a great resource.

  • Glad that you are sharing tips on how with DIY steps. Some of us dont have access to medical masks, and many poor countries can not afford commercial masks. Now there is no excuse not to wear masks.

  • Awww this is very timely and useful, cost-saving too! Thank you, now I don’t need to cut and sew anymore

  • This is a very useful post. In my country they are considering requiring by law for everyone to wear face masks, but there are none available to buy anywhere.

  • Wonderful idea, shortage of masks has been observed around the globe markets. suddenly outbreak of COVID-19 most of the peoples started mask wearing and all the markets runaway . In this situation this is an innovative idea of making mask without sewing.

  • Very easy and fuss-free! Thanks for sharing. If you have N95 masks I’d say use that, but if you have no other alternative then this would probably be better than nothing. 🙂

  • This looks so simple – a great resource to have with everything going on! I mean, I LOVE that there are so many people using their sewing skills to craft these beautiful, long-lasting masks but the truth is that not everyone has the skills (or supplies) to make that happen. This no-sew option is something that can easily be put together in a pinch to make sure that you and your family are safe.

  • A very easy way to make a face mask. This is very useful to everyone right now. I will save your post to make a face mask later. You could be right in saying that we might need a face mask for normal living for at least a year. Thanks for sharing.

  • Very useful! I might have to try one of these soon for use when I start going back out. Thank you for sharing!

  • Very informative and valuable. So much needed in these times as the virus spread across the world. People should have knowledge about the use of face masks and start using preventative measures. Thank you for this info!

  • These are some really practical tips for the current covid19 pandemic. They will definitely come in handy. Thank you for sharing

  • thanks for giving your share in this crisis. It’s true that we really need to wear protective mask, but as much as possible, especially our frontliners, should wear the proper PPE. this would be great alternative for us normal citizens who will go out to buy our groceries. thank you! 🙂

  • This is a one helpful article especially now that we are lack of some masks. This is a good alternative.

  • Wow, that is so creative! Thank you for sharing such a practical thing to use right now.

  • Your instructions are timely, practical, and simple. Again, the background information will keep us vigilant.

  • Thank you for these instructions! Hopefully this will help slow the spread! Stat well! Stay safe

  • This do it yourself face mask is one of last resort if commercial face masks are in shortage. Health care workers should wear proper n95 face masks. They really need protection.

  • This is such an amazing post especially for our doctors and nurses who have to wear masks all day, every day. Or even if you have to do some essential shopping so you are protecting yourself and your family. Interesting concept.

  • Very helpful. I’m not sure if I’d be allowed to wear one of these at work but going to look into it. Thank you for sharing this iwth us!

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