My YorkiePoo Puppy

My YorkiePoo Puppy

Meet my yorkiepoo puppy hybrid dog.  A yorkiepoo, also spelled yorkipoo is a hybrid dog originating in the United States by crossing a Yorkshire Terrier and a poodle.  I went to the puppy store and there were several puppy selections, including cavapoo, multipoo, javapoo, but this little yorkiepoo puppy captured my heart. In fact, there were at least 25 poodle mix breeds, all of them really adorable in their own ways. 

I must admit that I was prejudiced when it came time for selecting my new puppy dog.  At first, I was set to pick a cavapoo dog as seen from the store’s advertisement, but when I saw this white yorkipoo puppy, I changed my mind.  This is possibly because Yogi reminded us so much of our previous family dog, a bichon frise.

I am indeed looking forward to many adventures with Yogi, and I will be sure to post them on this blog. Here is a poem dedicated to  my yorkiepoo puppy hybrid dog.  It is borrowed from the Dog Book of Verse entitled “The Best Dog” by an anonymous author.   The poem made reference to a yellow dog, I changed to to white for my white YorkiePoo dog.

Yes, I went to see the bow-wows, and I looked at every one,
Proud dogs of each breed and strain that’s underneath the sun;
But not one could compare with–you may hear it with surprise–
A little white dog I know that never took a prize.

Not that they would have skipped him when they gave the ribbons out,
Had there been a class to fit him–though his lineage is in doubt.
No judge of dogs could e’er resist the honest, faithful eyes
Of that plain little white dog that never took a prize.

Suppose he wasn’t trained to hunt, and never killed a rat,
And isn’t much on tricks or looks or birth–well, what of that?

That might be said of lots of folks whom men call great and wise,
As well as of that white dog that never took a prize.

It isn’t what a dog can do, or what a dog may be,
That hits a man. It’s simply this–does he believe in me?
And by that test I know there’s not the compeer ‘neath the skies
Of that plain little white dog that never took a prize.

Oh, he’s the finest little pup that ever wagged a tail,
And followed man with equal joy to Congress or to jail.
I’m going to start a special show–‘Twill beat the world for size–
For faithful little white dogs, and each shall have a prize.


(Ed note: This post was originally published in 2015, but I have added some new photos, especially the cute Christmas one)