What your Eyebrows say about you.

What your Eyebrows say about you.

Have you ever thought about what your eyebrows say about you?  Some of us are born with the perfect set of brows, but most of us are born with either too much or too little hair, or too dark or too light.  Luckily, women can get help with eye makeup.

Lately, the trend has been for thick dark brows, and you can see from the above photo, left to right,

top row – Princess Kate Middleton brow; Scarlett Johansson brow
second row – Audrey Hepburn brow; Cate Blanchett brow
third row – Julia Roberts dark brow; Julia Roberts light brow

Dark eyebrows  give the impression of being active, friendly, bold, strong, energy and spirit.
Light eyebrows give the impression of being gentle, considerate, calm, laid back and passive.

Which one reflects your personality?  Audrey Hepburn has a consistent eyebrow makeup, but Julia Roberts change her brow look constantly. Since eye brows today can be a result of makeup, it is in fact, the style you choose that reflects your personality, or the image you wish to project.  Here’s a tutorial called from head to toe on how you can enhance your look by perfecting your brows.