Barefoot Princess Wears Head Scarf Entering Mosque

Barefoot Princess Wears Head Scarf Entering Mosque

At the Royal Jubilee Tour to Malaysia, Princess Kate Middleton had the opportunity to visit the Assyakirin Mosque which is the biggest mosque in Malaysia.

Respect for local tradition
In accordance with Muslim religious protocol, women must wear a veil or head scarf and be barefoot when entering a place of worship. Indeed, you can see Princess Kate removing her shoes and donning a conservative loose white dress and white head scarf. Royally poised and confident, Princess Kate seemed at ease even while topless photos of her French vacation is circulating in European magazines and online websites.

The Assyakirin Mosque in Kuala Lumpur is the biggest mosque in the nation. Situated near the Suria KLCC the Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest twin towers in the world, it had just went through a major renovation in 2009 to increase the capacity from 6000 people to 12,000 people.


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