Gianna Hun South Korean actress in Snow Flower role


Gianna Hun is the westernized name for  Jun Ji Hyun, a South Korean actress and model who made her Hollywood crossover role in the movie “Blood, the Last Vampire”.  Gianna Hun plays the leading role for “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” a Sino-American movie production now showing in major theatres across North America.

Based on a 2005 novel published by Random House, written by Chinese American author Lisa See, the movie is a collaborative work by many well known artists.   Wendi Murdoch, the China-born wife of the News Corporation chairman and CEO,  co-produce the movie with Florence Sloan, the Malaysian-Chinese wife of MGM chairman Harry Sloan.

Wayne Wang, is director of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.  Wayne Wang  made his breakthrough with 1993’s The Joy Luck Club. His 2002 romantic comedy Maid in Manhattan, starring Jennifer Lopez, grossed $155 million worldwide.

Set in 19th century China, the movie is about the friendships of two women who grew up together and both experience the painful process of foot binding at the same time.  They wrote letters to one another on fans with Nü Shu, a secret phonetic form of ‘women’s writing.’ In addition to the language itself, the young women learn Nü Shu songs and stories.

Zhang Zi Yi, famous Chinese actress known for her role in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” was originally slated for the role of Snow Flower, but backed out.  Instead Gianna Hun, South Korean actress became the leading actress for this movie.  Good for Gianna Hun, welcome to Hollywood!