Berries of North America

tangleberry-200x200 A Canadian company unveils its new line of handcrafted jewellery called Berry Luscious. Inspired by the berries of North America, Tangleberry Boutique features jewellery that are modelled after all kinds of berries including Blackberries, American bitter sweet orange berries, tangleberries, purple berries (which include elderberry, black currant and chokeberry), blueberries, red berries and more.

With a tag line, “Wear the color of Nature” the collection comes in time for summer accessorizing now that the berries are starting to come out in abundance.

The collection even includes Rainbow berries earrings, which was inspired by the mythical berries found in the World of Ewok – a popular cartoon series in the early 1980’s. Rainbow berries were a multicolored fruit that grew on the forest moon of Endor. They were used to make rainbow berry pies and Wistie Fest pies.
One year in particular, the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village had a shortage of rainbow berries, but woklings Nippet and Wiley discovered a plethora of berries out in the forest just in time for the Harvest Moon Feast.


Called Yummylicious, these berries earrings are charming, funky and can be worn for casual outings, at work or for an evening out. They are sure to turn heads and stimulate a conversation.