How to tell the age of Asian women

How to tell the age of Asian women

how to tell the age of asian womenThis How to tell the age of Asian women cartoon has been appearing all over the internet, and so I thought it would be okay to share with our visitors.

There are significant ethnic minorities in Canadian major cities, so next time, you see an Asian woman, think of this chart.  It can sometimes be difficult to tell the age of Asian women, because their looks seem to stay the same within a certain age range.

From age 30 to 50 Asian women maintain a youthful look until they hit menopause, and their looks start to fade fast.  Age 55 seems to be the magic number and again the older look still seem to stay the same until 80, and then KABOOM!!!  After menopause, the body stops producing estrogen and collagen.  As a result, the skin dries up and sag, causing wrinkles.  Yet, many Asian women post menopausal age still manage to look younger than their western counterpart.

There are many reasons why Asian women tend to look younger than their age.    In fact, women with dark skin tone tend to age more gracefully.  There is science behind this.   Melanin is a pigment that gives color to our skin.  The darker the skin tone, the higher the melanin content.   Melanin has anti-aging protection because melanin offers built in UV protection.  Having a dark skin is like wearing an SPF 15 sunscreen protection at all times.

Another reason is that people with melanin rich skin  like Asians, Mediterraneans, Hispanics, and Africans have thicker skin.  As we age, our skin loses elastin and collagen,  which causes the skin to lose elasticity and wrinkle.  However, thicker skins do not show wrinkles as much.    This is precisely the same reason why the skin under our eye (which is thinner) tends to sag first.

However, how we age is still a combination of nature (genetics) versus nurture (proper skin care).   The women from East Asian countries, in particular, China, Japan and Korea practice ancient beauty rituals that have been passed down for several generations.   With nature plus nurture, it is no surprise why Asian women tend to age gracefully.   Here are some beauty skin secrets of Asian women.

  1.  Good skin care routines.  I remember when I was a little child watching my 60 year old grandmother religiously doing her face care routine.  Today, salons offer facial skin care treatments for the face, including steam, exfoliation, creams, lotions, facial masks, peels, and massage.  You do not have to spend $ on expensive treatments.  Get together with some girl friends and have a DIY Do it yourself spa evening.

  2. Yoga.   Whether you are a working woman,  a stay at home mother, or retired, stress and anxiety are common problems.  Lack of sleep resulting from stress can cause dark circles around the eyes.  Yoga is a gentle form of exercise and stretching incorporating breathing and meditation.  Yoga relaxes the mind and body, relieves stress and chronic illnesses.   The history of yoga  goes back 5000 years ago, and has now become popular in the West.  The benefits of Yoga is undisputed.  All you need is the will to do it.   If you do not have time to attend a class, you can always practice some yoga  at home.

  3. Drink lots of green tea.  In East Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam, people drink tea all day long.  Green tea is a very healthy drink, a nutrient and a powerful antioxidant.   It helps fight against infection, cancer, diabetes and other diseases.  One way of looking young is to stay healthy.

  4. Massage.  Whether it is a body massage or a foot massage, reflexology is an Eastern massage treatment that targets pressure points in the body, hands and feet.  It strengthens the body immune system, combats stress, tension and illness.

  5. Regular warm bath.  In Japan, a communal hot bath is a cultural experience.  There are public bathhouses where people bathe together NAKED.   Here in Canada, we can simply go to our local recreation center and use the Hot tub.   Hot baths have medicinal effects, and improves health.  Health is youth.  If you want to look young, keep yourself healthy.

  6. Meditation and prayer.  You do not need to be involved in an organized religion to be spiritual.  The use of a string of beads and repeating a mantra or a prayer helps with focus and provides structure and comfort.  It is a way of emptying your brain of all worries and focusing on a mantra.  The prayer bead tradition is common among many cultures and has been around as early as 5000 years ago.

top 6 beauty routines for a healthy youthful look
Staying beautiful youthful and healthy requires some work.

Beauty and health does not happen by accident. It requires effort. Even a real beauty who does not take good care of her face and body will not stay good looking forever. If you incorporate the above routines in your daily life, you will be richly rewarded. After all, beauty is health, and health is beauty.

This post was first published in 2011, and was recently updated in February, 2020.