Fusion Latina – Canada’s First and Only Latin Choir

The Latin countries are best known for their rhythms, music and dances.  It is no wonder that music is the medium for social networking for a group of Venezuelans.

For many years, a group of Venezuelan friends would get together every Christmas to sing traditional Christmas carols from their country. They had so much fun that they wanted to make music all year round. They thought it would be interesting to expand their repertoire to songs from other parts of Latin America and to invite people from all over the continent to join them. Thus was born Fusion Latina. To make this dream a reality, the group needed to find a Latin American director and that was not an easy task.

They had the good fortune to meet Fabiana Katz, a talented director and professional singer with extensive training and experience. She took up the challenge. With her enthusiasm and the choir members’ dedication, Fusion Latina was born in 2005. The choir now includes people from all over Latin America and sings a repertoire that spans that continent.

Starting from a core membership of 12 members, today, Fusion Latina of Vancouver now has 20 dedicated members. Their mission is to promote cross-cultural understanding within the Canadian community and at the same time, just simply have fun.

The story of Fusion Latina is very inspiring,  other ethnic communities can learn from their examples.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a choir from each ethnicity, and a concert that would feature all of them? – that would be such a fun way of cultural exchange here in Canada.  After all, the universal language comes in 3 forms: music, love and food.

Today, Fusion Latina hosts concerts in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Here is one of my favorites – the La Bamba.