Asian Inspired – Red Wedding Dresses

red-wedding-dressesRed is traditionally the color of happiness in many Asian culture.  Since wedding signifies happiness, many Asian bridal wedding attires are in red.

Wedding dresses in China, India (wedding sari) and Vietnam (in the traditional form of the Ao dai) are colored red, – which is the traditional color of good luck and auspiciousness.

Nowadays, many women opt not to wear red and choose other colors. In modern Chinese weddings, the bride usually opts for the white Western dress or changes from a white gown to a red gown later in the day and sometimes a gold-colored gown later on.

On the other hand, in the western culture, white is the color of the virginal bride, while red is considered a very bold color, think – the scarlet letter.

Today, as interracial marriages increase in urban areas of North America, many weddings are taking on Asian traditions.   Some Canadian immigrants have two ceremonies – a traditional one and a western one.  Others simply blend the two traditions into one – resulting in an Asian-inspired wedding.


3 thoughts on “Asian Inspired – Red Wedding Dresses”

  • Red isn’t really for weddings. At least that is how I see it. The color is too strong but if it’s used as an accent or a motif then it could work unless of course your into red.

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