Association of International Medical Doctors of BC

aimdbcIn June 2003 a small group of international medical graduates (IMGs) got together in Vancouver to discuss uniting their voice in order to affect greater access to licensure. They were assisted by the British Columbia Internationally Trained Professionals Network (BCITP. Net), the collaboritive brainchild of MOSAIC, ISS and SDISS – three of BC’s largest immigrant serving agencies and funded by Canadian Heritage. These internationally trained medical doctors lived in a province that had the lowest number of post-graduate residency training positions for IMGs in the country. The provincial licensing authority for medical doctors requires that most internationally trained medical doctors repeat their post graduate training (the two years of rotating training in a hospital) and without this training an IMG cannot be licensed. The doctors also had no direction or support from government or healthcare stakeholders and no training to help them adapt to the Canadian healthcare system. There was a lot to do and with the assistance of the BC Internationally Trained Professionals Network (BCITP Net) the doctors began to meet on a monthly basis at the offices of MOSAIC or Immigrant Services Society and by the end of that summer had formed the Association of International Medical Doctors of BC (AIMD BC).

One of the first tasks completed by AIMD BC was the creation of their mission statement and goals.

Mission Statement

To ensure that internationally trained medical doctors are integrated effectively and equitably into British Columbia’s healthcare system.


1. To facilitate access to the licensing process for international medical doctors living in British Columbia.
2. To work collaboratively with other stakeholders to identify and develop appropriate assessment, orientation, upgrading and integration programs for British Columbia’s IMG’s
3. To provide information and support to members in licensing and finding meaningful employment in the healthcare field.