Canadian Thanksgiving

canadian-thanksgiving-turkey1Canadian Thanksgiving occurs every  second Monday of October.  (Note that this is different from the Americans who celebrate their Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November.)  It is a statutory holiday here so banks and government agencies are closed for the day.

My friend who works in the computer industry commented that everything was quiet this weekend, because everybody is busy celebrating Thanksgiving with their families.

Traditional Thanksgiving meal always mean Roast Turkey with stuffing and gravy, potatoes, brussel sprouts, carrots and pumpkin pie.    Many new Canadians have learned to cherish the Thanksgiving tradition, it just is not the same without the Turkey and all the things that go with it.


For single people, transients who don’t have families, or workers who don’t have the time to cook elaborate meals,  restaurants offer Thanksgiving menu and supermarkets also offer Cooked Turkey – ready to go.

Here is a message from our Prime Minster Stephen Harper:

“Thanksgiving weekend is a time when Canadians everywhere pause for the weekend to celebrate with family, friends and communities.

“Many Canadians use the long weekend to catch up with loved ones, take a break from hectic lives and take part in activities that remind them how important those around them truly are.

“Thanksgiving is also a time of when we give back to our communities and remember those less fortunate. This can take the form of volunteering to serve meals, donating to a food bank or charity, or even by spending time with those who might otherwise be alone. In these selfless acts, we demonstrate our generosity, tolerance and a desire to ensure that Canada continues to be the magnificent country that it is.

“While you relax and celebrate this Thanksgiving weekend, I would ask that you remember and be thankful for the bravery and sacrifices of our men and women serving in Afghanistan. These men and women spend this holiday away from their own families and friends so that Afghan families may also experience the freedom and security that Canadians hold dear.

“My wife Laureen, our children Ben and Rachel, and I wish all Canadians a very Happy Thanksgiving holiday.