The Douglas College Self employment program

This video clip is a submission by Alvin Barrera of Mixmediaworld, a graduate at the Douglas College Self Employment Program Intake no. 143.  Alvin Barrerra is a Filipino-Canadian immigrant who has recently became an entrepreneur with the launching of his company called MIXED MEDIA.  He did two video clips of his graduating class, featuring the fun times during classroom sessions as well as a close-up shot of every participant and business advisors.

The Douglas College  Self Employment Program is the largest program of its kind being run in the Lower Mainland and has helped many new immigrants since 1995. Funded by Ministry of BC Housing Development and previously Service Canada, more than 3,000 businesses have been launched since the inception of the program. In an interview with Asian Outlook magazine, according to Mari-Lou Shoulak, Marketing Manager, Douglas College, Self Employment Program, “The program has a very high success rate. As many as 137  groups of entrepreneurs have received training and as much as 93% of our graduates are in business, one year later, 87% are still in business after two years, 76% are still in business after three years and 67% after four years. Many of our  graduates of the program are new immigrants.”

As a result of the current recession, many Canadians have chosen Self Employment as their job or career.