Jane Mclean – Who?

Jane Mclean – Who?

Jane McLean is making a mark in the entertainment industry, and Filipino Canadian immigrants are proud to call her one of their own.  Philippine women  are well known for their exotic beauty and Jane McLean is another example.   Indeed!  beneath that pretty face there is tremendous talent and brains.   Jane is not only an actor, but also a producer and a screenwriter.

Jane McLean was born in Manila and raised in Toronto.  She did a brief stint in the financial services industry before attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.  She launched her career soon after drama school and hasn’t looked back since.

McLean’s credits include: TNT and HBO Canada’s original series The Transporter, based on the hit film franchise of the same name, the Showtime hit series DexterWarner Bros’ The Time Traveler’s WifeFOX’s 24, the multi-award winning Sundance Channel series Terminal CitySyFy’s The Dresden Files, the award winning BBC mini-series Supervolcano, the CBS series CSI: NY and the critically acclaimed Toronto production of Delia and Nora Ephron’s Off-Broadway hit Love, Loss and What I Wore, plus she has starred in numerous other critically acclaimed U.S, Canadian and International television, film and theater productions.

McLean plays villain ‘Olfin Tennety’ opposite Julie Benz’s ‘Amanda Rosewater’ in season one and two of the hit SyFy series Defiance.  She has expanded her career into the areas of creative producing and screenwriting, and recently sold her first television project to a premium cable broadcaster.

Jane McLean is finally living her dream life, working at what she loves.    Filipino-Canadian immigrants would be happy to know that although Jane immigrated at the age of one, she can speak Tagalog and carries the Philippines in her heart.   She  is a source of pride for the whole Filipino community.

In an interview with Tribute’s Toni-Marie Ippolito, Jane was asked what time period in her life she would go back to if she could time-travel. She was quoted as saying, “I would love to go back to the Philippines. I was born there. I came to Canada when I wasn’t even a year old, so how fun would it be to go back to that time when you were a baby and you didn’t have a worry in the world? So, I think it would be great to go back and see through the eyes of a child, and open my eyes to new surroundings.”    Read an interview with Jane Mclean at Tribute.ca

See her listings of movie and TV credits.

Fun Facts:  McLean is the youngest of five children and is the only one of her siblings in the entertainment industry.  Her production company is named after her parents.  She has lived and studied in Europe and can speak three languages: Tagalog, Italian, and English.  She is a voracious reader and paints in her spare time.