Bichon Frise tried to walk on water.

sailing-with-dogsHere is a photo of my dog.  He is a bichon frise, with beautiful fluffy fur.   He is a young puppy, and he does not understand water.    We took him out on the boat this summer vacation, and he behaved perfectly fine staying on the boat.

However, when we took him ashore,  he got confused.   First, he had fun jumping up and down on the beach, then he thought the water looked so inviting, and in his mind, water is just another type of floor surface, so he simply stepped right in.    Splash! and then he just cried.  We picked him up quickly, and poor Fluffy kept shivering , while we bundled him up with a big towel.  He just wanted to be cuddled for the next half hour.

A dog is very much part of a Canadian family.  Many Canadians travel with their dogs, on the car, airplane, or on the boat.    Reasons are twofold.  One:   You want to share your vacation adventure with your dog.  Two:  It costs at least $30 to $40 Canadian dollars a day for pet-sitting and this can be expensive.    ENJOY THESE PHOTOS OF FLUFFY, BEFORE and AFTER he tried to walk on water.