Have you been Imputed?

imputed-manThis is the story of Adam and Eve.  And Angelina.

Adam was married to Eve for 10 years, until one day, while playing frisbee happily with his son in the front yard, a courier arrived delivering a letter stating that his wife (Eve) cannot live with him anymore and he has to move out within 1 day.  He had no idea Eve was unhappy.  She never said anything.

A month later, he left the home, arranged for split custody and a monthly child support payment amount.  Everything was fine, until 5 years later, he met Angelina.

He was in love again and got married.  He continued paying his child support checks while sharing custody of his son.

The problem came when Angelina (the new wife) made more money than him.  Now Eve (the ex-wife) wants a portion of Angelina’s (new wife) income and filed a lawsuit.  Adam was IMPUTED.  His income is now IMPUTED to include Angelina’s income and Eve (the ex-wife) wants more money.  Angelina (the new wife) is now deemed to be the other parent and Eve (the ex-wife) wants  MORE money.

Angelina (the new wife) has her own children that she needs to look after.  Eve (the ex-wife) makes more money than Adam and has the means to support their son.  The issue is no longer about money.  It is about entitlement.

Family law about child support was formulated years ago to protect the mother working at home from paternal abandonment.  A wife making more money than a husband was an anomaly.  Nowadays, many Canadian women make more money than the men, and the family laws have not been updated to accommodate the new reality.

So, welcome to the new IMPUTEE club.  Adam is considering starting a IMPUTEE website as a networking forum for all fathers who have been imputed!!!  The case is being tried at family court.

If you be the judge,  which side are you own, Adam, Eve or Angelina?    {Someone emailed us to find out whether this is a made-up soap.  This is a true story.  The names are made up to protect the identities.}