Getting Married for a Resident Visa


Hollywood tackles the problem of immigration with a simple solution, get married.  In the movie “The Proposal” starring Ryan Reynolds, a 32 year old Canadian actor from Vancouver,  (he is the real-life husband of Scarlet Johanssen).  Ryan plays the role of an ambitious American assistant to a Canadian boss (Sandra Bullock) of a US publishing firm.  Faced with a deportation order for working illegally in the USA, Bullock bullied Reynolds into marrying her to get her immigration papers.

It’s a known fact that the Immigration office will investigate the validity of a marriage and will send investigators to follow suspicious couples and look for telltale signs.  Since intimacy will often be the subject of the investigation, any fraudulent marriages can be easily detected.  In this movie, the fake couple is forced to spend a real weekend at the groom-to-be’s parent’s place in Alaska.

Plenty of laughter in this drama-comedy.  Of course, Canadians would love to watch a fellow Canadian in the movies.