How to Immigrate to Canada

How to Immigrate to Canada

Free information about how to Immigrate to Canada is available on Service Canada website.

Every yeаr аround 250,000 of people аre аccepted by the Cаnаdiаn government just to meet its goаls of economic benefit.  If you are considering or planning to immigrate to Canada to start a new life, check out the Service Canada website.  It takes the mystery out of the immigration process and allow you to do the work yourself without having to pay thousands of dollars to an immigration consultant.

Welcome to Canada
In addition to information on how to immigrate to Canada, there is also a downloadable pdf on how to Succeed in Canada.  i.e. how to find a place to live, how to find work,  school, how to move around in the city, and how to connect to the community.

Canada is one of the few countries in the Western world actively looking for immigrants.  The United Nations has consistently rated Canada as one of the best countries to live in the world.  The Economist has rated Vancouver as the best city to live in the world, four years in a row.

Canada Immigration Point Calculator
Learn about the Canadian immigration point calculator, which will help you determine if you would qualify under the Canada immigration point system. You will need a total of 67 points to qualify under Canada’s immigration points system. If you are a skilled worker, this may be a very good option for you for immigrating to Canada.

From establishing the Immigration Class you best fit in, what is required, how to PROPERLY evaluate yourself, where and how to apply and finally your preparation for a successful interview at the Canadian Embassy.