Sailboat Cruising from Vancouver to Alaska

Sailboat Cruising from Vancouver to Alaska

Sailboat cruising from Vancouver to Alaska is a slow way to travel.  Imagine that it takes approximately five and a half hours to fly by plane (assuming a direct flight), about 3 days by commercial ferry.  It took us 3 months of slow travel.  One way to describe it is comparing fast travel to fast food, and slow travel to fine dining, taking the time to savour every minute.

Slow travel is not for everyone.  We just happen to be in between jobs, and decided to take the summer off and travel by sailboat from Vancouver to Alaska.

The west coast of Canada is one of world’s best cruising grounds, and the best in the civilized world in terms of anchorages, amenities and cruising buddies.  The only limitation is the weather.  There is a small window by which we can comfortably travel, that is between the months of May and September.   

Each year, BC sailors travel the BC Inside Passage to Alaska, and there are many blogs on the internet documenting the travels.   Every one’s experience is a little different, and each has a story to tell. 

I also wrote a daily diary of a 3 month trip on our sailboat cruising from Vancouver to Alaska.  Starting from Thunderbird Marina, our home base, to Bowen Island, our first stop and so on……  I will be posting installments of this diary along with photographs we took, and stories of friendships formed during the trip.  We encountered whales, dolphins, bears, eagles…..and while we had plenty of fog and rain, we also had sunshine and wind.  Sailing the BC Coast from Vancouver to Alaska is a 1,000 mile journey by boat.   

Follow our adventure along the BC West Coast.

Sailboat cruising from Vancouver to Alaska
Sailing travel diary from Vancouver to Alaska