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6 Reasons Why Perfection is not always good

One thing I notice about many Canadians is their ideal of a perfect life, a perfect job, a perfect husband, the perfect wife, the perfect house, the perfect kitchen, the perfect dinner party.

When you live in a country of abundance, you tend to want more, because good is no longer enough.  With the exception of certain circumstances where perfect is an absolute must, such as brain surgery, where there is no room for error, in most cases, perfection is not always good.  Here are 6 reasons why:

1.  It prevents us from taking risks.   Perfectionists tend to take the path that is well travelled, and seldom take risks.  Many discoveries and progress we have today are from people who are not afraid to take risks, and are not afraid of making mistakes.

2.  It creates a fear of failure.  Perfectionists have an image of themselves as always good and proper, and therefore tend to be afraid of failure.   When one is afraid of failure, they get paralyzed.

3.  Perfectionists make boring conversationalists, as they have an inner filter that censors what they say.  As a result, they are not good with small talk.  They can only converse well in topics that they have a depth of knowledge.

4.  Perfectionists can be arrogant snobs.   They will easily find fault in others, since they place a high standard on themselves.

5.  Perfectionists waste time as they tend to obsess in perfecting and focusing too much on one tasks.  They are not good at multi-tasking.

6.  Perfectionists can be paralyzed by inaction when they face challenges.  Instead of doing something, they do nothing when they cannot do it right.

Life is a series of trial and error.  Nothing is perfect right from the start.  Do not be afraid to start with something good enough, just continue to improve it.

Admittedly, when I need a brain surgeon, I am not going to be happy with a surgeon who has the lowest mark in his school class, but in most other things, “Good enough is better than Always Perfect!”