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Netflix Canada provides access to Foreign Movies

Canadians often watch in envy what their neighbour Americans get.   For instance,  Netflix was introduced much earlier to the USA with better features and access to more movies.

Nonetheless, the recent free one month trial membership with Netflix Canada and the $7.99 subscription plan  is proving its worth to many new Canadians.  While the selection is still not too great in comparison to what the USA subscribers have, there are still plenty of tv shows and movies to choose from.

Stocking physical DVDs in stores take up physical space, causing many good movies to be taken off the shelves to make room for new releases.  Unfortunately, foreign movies usually are not given enough shelf space because of fewer demands.   New Canadians will find hard-to-find tv shows and movies on netflix, and with more subscribers’ request, should be able to make recommendations for what movies to be added to the list.

Taking baby steps, one at a time, I am confident that this new streaming video concept can only get better.    What’s best is that watching movies can be done conveniently from a mobile device such as the iphone or a tablet.  As a beta user of the Touchsquid remote control tablet, I have been truly  enjoying my streaming movies.