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Vancouver in Party Spirit

first-nations-dance-vancouver-olympics1The City of Vancouver is in one great party mode for the last two weeks.  The whole nation is entranced with the Olympic spirit.  The entire downtown Vancouver  has become one big pedestrian mall with art exhibits, street vendors, buskers and tourists.  Big screen TV’s are positioned in restaurants, streets, supermarkets… so that people at work can still keep up with what is happening at the Olympics.   Window displays at retail stores and supermarkets all bear the Olympics theme.

Tourists and locals alike wear Canadian themed clothing, whether it is a toque, T-shirt, mitten, jacket, anything to symbolize oneness.  The Canadian flags are everywhere, wrapped around people back like a bandana scarf, sticking out of cars like antennas, on flagpoles in buildings, homes, …. Whenever a Canadian wins a medal, people honk their cars, and street pedestrians downtown roar simultaneously in one glorious battle cry, or sing “O Canada”.

It is indeed an incredible time!   Vancouver invited the world, and the world arrived!  What a great party we throw!