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Learn from Other People Mistakes

Mistakes are expensive, so learn from other people  mistakes and do not repeat the same ones.   We all make mistakes in our lives, in our work, little ones, big ones, but don’t make the same one that others have already made.  That’s just such a waste.

Here’s a book review of one of the most recommended business books for 2014 written for women.   The author/editor of this book  is Jessical Bacal, who is the Director of the Wurtele Center for Work and Life at Smith College.  In this book, she collected stories from 25 influential women who reflected on the lessons they learned from getting it wrong:

“……And truly, she was ahead of her time in apparently realizing that we can mentor each other by demonstrating — through our own stories — that mistakes happen, even during the most successful of careers. One saying that I’ve found comforting is that “the only constant is change.” While public mistakes may feel terrible in the moment, the moment always ends. And what remains, what we carry forward, is everything we’ve learned.” Learn from Other people mistakes

Sometimes it can be embarrassing to let others know that we’ve made mistakes, especially if they are stupid mistakes.  It takes a lot of courage to share and tell.   Women tend to think differently from men, and so we can sympathize that these mistakes could easily have been committed by other women.  Read the rest of the article by clicking here and find outu who are these 25 influential women brave or confident enough  to share their stories and experiences.