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Filipino Canadian Literary Star – Miguel Syjuco

manuel-syjucoFrom the country that produced Imelda Marcos, lover of shoes; Andrew Cunanan, serial murderer who killed Versace; Lea Salonga, lead singer of Broadway play Saigon, and Manny Pacquiao, world lightweight boxing champion…. now comes Miguel Syjuco, the new Filipino-Canadian literary star – the voice of the Filipinos.

Filipino-Canadians are excited about the release of the book “Illustrado” by Miguel Syjuco, A Filipino-Canadian who grew up for the first 10 years of his life in Vancouver, BC, and currently lives in Montreal with his girlfriend and 2 cats.  With a Filipino congresswoman as mother and a cabinet minister as father, Miguel Syjuco knows firsthand the inside story of Philippine politics.  Add to this recipe, his masters degree in creative writing from Columbia University of New York and a PHd from the University of Adelaide in Australia, the result is a powerful insight into the country of gentle and warm people plagued by generations of colonial rule and corruption.

Two years before the book’s publication, Miguel Syjuco already won the Man-Asian Prize for 2008.  Now, the book “Illustrado” is simultaneously launched across the continents by major publishers and being translated in 16 languages.  The book is greeted with much enthusiasm with superlative reviews such as “brillantly conceived and stylishly executed, entertaining, frequently raunchy and effervescent with humour.”

The book is a family saga of four generations tracing 150 years of Philippine history forged under the Spanish, Americans and Filipinos themselves.     It won’t be surprising to see the book “Illustrado” gaining more international awards and eventually made to a movie. read more