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Inukshuk Blog Award – Immigrant Story

zhu-french-canadian1We find this delightful blog that has been on cyberspace for the last three years (since 2006).  It is a blog about the adventures of a French Canadian immigrant  who settled in English Canada; about immigration, life as a French teacher and snow !

Her name is  Juliette, aka Zhu. Yes, she’s not Chinese, but she’s  studies Mandarin for 12 years and can read and write Chinese.

Here’s an excerpt from her blog:

“Anyway… I’m French and I have been living full time in Canada’s national capital, Ottawa, since 2004. I first came in 2002 and lived between France and the other side of the Atlantic Ocean for a couple of years. In 2004, I got a Working Holiday Visa, and I applied for permanent residence in Canada in 2005… and it took only five months! I became a Canadian citizen on July 3rd, 2009 and now have both passports, French and Canadian.

Immigrating to Canada has been a very good experience so far. I experienced culture shock for the first few months but recovered quickly enough. Although I still don’t get how Canadians can walk around wearing only shorts and tee-shirts when it’s barely above 0ºC. read more