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Canadian immigrant trapped between two cultures


Mina and her husband are a ordinary Canadian immigrant family with a male dominated structure.  Husband is the provider, and works to support the family.  Mina stayed home to look after the two children.  Mina gets a good allowance to buy groceries and pay for the home expenses.  Husband paid for everything, and the children always have whatever they want.  Things went smoothly under this set up until the kids have all grown up, went to universities and left home.

Mina gets a very comfortable allowance,  approximately the salary of a clerk, which she used to buy groceries and still manage to have some money left, enough to put into her own savings account.   However, life becomes monotonous once the kids left home as Mina do not have the children to fuss about.  Mina would like to do things, and finds herself always asking for extra money from her husband, which her husband resents. read more