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TouchSquid Universal remote another Canadian innovation

As “necessity is the mother of invention”, the range of Canadian inventions is a reflection of the particular circumstance of the nation: it is a large country with a need for innovation to help bridge the distance gap. Fittingly, many of her inventions have been in the fields of transportation and communications, while others reflect her position as a northern country rich in primary resources and cold weather. Numerous advances have also been achieved in devices related to improving the way these resources are developed (as in agriculture and manufacturing). But like so many inventions, many of her important achievements either built on other works or were improved by others so that precedence is sometimes difficult to pin down (see for example the light bulb). The nation’s taxpayers also fund the National Research Council of Canada (NRCC), which has been an important factor in innovation and technological advancement over several decades.

TouchSquid Technology Inc, a North Vancouver based company has come up with a Android universal remote control tablet with a built-in infrared blaster and its own proprietary remote control app. First introduced in the market in December of 2011 through its early squid adopter program, it is now shipping and selling through the Amazon store and select dealers in the USA and Canada.

There are several cookie cutter tablets in the market, and what sets TouchSquid apart is its remote control app. For those who already own a tablet or a smart phone, TouchSquid also sell its app separately through the Android market and Amazon Kindle market.

Grahame Shannon, the Squid Master and Chief Programmer of TouchSquid points out that “TouchSquid remote control is first and and foremost and remote control tablet, plus all the bonus features of an Android tablet.  We put all our energies into the software app, and it is our mission to develop the best remote control app in the market.”

For those in the home theater business, they may recall that the Harmony remote control was  originally created in 2001 by Easy Zapper, another Canadian company, and first sold in November 2001. Computer peripheral manufacturer Logitech acquired it in May 2004 for US$29 million.