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Canadian Immigrant’s Halloween Surprise

halloween-decorated-front-door(contributed by a reader named Ginger)
This is a brief story about my first Halloween experience as a new Canadian immigrant. I lived in Canada for a few years before I fully appreciate how significant Halloween is to Canadian children.   By Canadian children, I am including my first child.

It begun when my daycare provider asked me about my son’s Halloween costume.  “What costume?”.  “For Halloween.  You mean to say, you’ve never given it any thought?” She asked.

My son was only 2 years old.

My Canadian babysitter, who was on welfare, hand-sewed costumes for her 5 yr old child every year.    Halloween, as it turned out, is a big deal for Canadian children.    In the end, she lend my son a clown suit which her son worn 2 years ago.

Then she asked, “Are you also going trick-a-treating”?   What do you mean “trick-a-treat”?

Another surprise:  On Halloween night, children go knocking door-to-door yelling “TRICK or TREAT”,  demanding sweets or treats.  You give out treats or you get tricks played on you.

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