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ZappIR Powerful Universal Remote Android app

too-many-remotesA Canadian BC based company has developed the ZappIR universal remote control app for the pleasure and convenience of home theater enthusiasts.   Canada is a hotbed of tech entrepreneurs, and many innovative products originated from Canada examples of which include the Blackberry, Logitech Harmony, Pebble Smart Watch, and software products such as Wave Accounting.

ZappIR universal remote Android app makes use of the built-in IR blasters of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and tablets and turn them into powerful universal remotes. (Note:   As of 2014, there are over 144 Samsung Smartphone and tablet models with built-in IR blasters.)

Having ZappIR in your Samsung Android smartphone or tablet is like carrying 15 remote control devices without the expense and the weight.  One remote to use instead of many remotes means that you can now say no to the many remote controls that are cluttering the coffee table.

Released in  July  2013, ZappIR Universal Remote Android app  is simple and easy to set up. ZappIR has a database of over 900,000 devices including DVD players, TV, Set top box, Blue ray players, PVR, lighting, airconditioners, and even powerpoint projectors.  The company technical support team is on hand for live customer support and  adds new IR remote codes everyday following requests from users.

smart-ir-for-samsung-s4According to the company representative, “The beauty and benefit of a software based solution to universal remote is that it is never obsolete as continuing updates are made to include new devices entering the market.”

Features of ZappIR also  include the automatic mute of your home theater device or the automatic pause of your PVR or player. when your cell phone rings.  Being able to mute the TV during commercials is one of the goals of early remote controls.  As an act of self-defense from the constant advertising noise, the mute button had been a selling feature of earlier remotes such as the Flashmatic introduced in 1955.

ZappIR Universal Remote is available for a free 10 day download trial.

You too, can convert your Samsung S4 S5 or the HTC One smartphone into a powerful universal remote control by downloading  the ZappIR universal remote app  from the Google Play Store.  This universal remote app is available both in landscape and portrait format.  It supports all Samsung Galaxy tablets that have built-in IR blasters.

Visit ZappIR Remote at their twitter page or Facebook.

Now available on the Google Play Store.
Samsung S4 HTC Universal  Remote by ZappIR