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Scarlett Johansson – Canadian Immigrant?

In the movie “The Proposal” Ryan Reynolds plays an American who works for a Canadian (Sandra Bullock) working illegally in the USA who needed an immigrant visa, and ended up proposing to Ryan Reynolds in order to become an American immigrant.

In real life, Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian who married an American. Likely Ryan Reynolds is the American immigrant, although Scarlett Johansson is eligible to become a Canadian immigrant, and if so, she will be a famous Canadian immigrant, but then why would she bother?

scarlet-johannsson-3-carat-ringRyan Reynolds was born in British Columbia, Canada and was reportedly dating Alanis Morissette, a Canadian singer for 4 years, before their breakup in 2007.

Two years ago, Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johannsen sealed their marriage with a 3 carat diamond ring with a value of $30,000. on Dec. 15, 2010, an announcement was made about the couple’s decision to divorce.

Photo above shows the 3 carat diamond engagement ring on Scarlet Johansson’s finger.

What made the divorce more touching is that the couple was married in Tofino, British Columbia at the Clayuquot Wilderness Resort, a very exclusive retreat in Vancouver Island, which is only reachable by boat.

celebrities-in-sunglassesIn addition to the Canadian connection, both Scarlet Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are low key personalities, which are distinctly “Canadian” characteristics.

Canadians are polite and are known to leave their celebrities in peace. Celebrities can be safe wandering around town in their hats and sunglasses acting like ordinary Canadians.