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Island Getaways in BC – Bowen Island

Only 20 minutes away by ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver lies Bowen Island,  With only a population of over 3,000 people, this little island is a within very easy reach of most Vancouverites.  The ferry ride itself is a very enjoyable one, with breathtaking views of the high peak mountains.

Surprisingly, very few Vancouverites have visited Bowen Island, or even know about it, and yet it is so easy to get there.  There are plenty of things to do, camping,  hiking, biking, kayaking, strolling down the beaches, visiting art galleries, shopping at the small boutiques, and even dining.

Whether it is a short weekend getaway, a corporate retreat, wedding, family reunion, or a romantic rendezvous, Bowen Island is definitely recommended as a destination.   It is so picturesque, such that  many TV and movies have been filmed in Bowen Island.

“Lots of movies and TV episodes have been shot on Bowen Island over the years. Some notable films include 1986′s The Clan of the Cave Bear (Darryl Hannah), 1990′s The Russia House (Sean Connery, Michelle Pfeiffer), 1999′s Double Jeopardy (Tommy Lee Jones, Ashley Judd), and 2006′s The Wicker Man (Nicholas Cage, Ellen Burstyn). The 13-episode TV horror series Harper’s Island, which aired on CBS and Global in 2009, was also a Bowen Island production.”

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How to get to Bowen Island from Vancouver:

1. BC Island Ferry – 2o minute ride from Horseshoe Bay. Click here for the BC Ferries schedule.
2. Take a 25 minute water taxi ride from Granville Island to Bowen Island.