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Parks canada equipped campsite

Parks Canada Equipped Campsite Program Provides Tents for Campers

Want to do camping this summer but do not have the equipment?  Parks Canada has just launched an “equipped campsite” program at 9 national parks, using equipment donated by Mountain Equipment Co-op.

Basic camping equipment such as tent, sleeping pad, kitchen shelter, lantern and cookset will be provided.   This program is offered at 9 natiional parks throughout Canada.  This should appeal to international travellers as they will no longer need to purchase equipment.   Check this link for more details on what is provided and what you need to pack.

For those who would like a more luxurious accommodation, the OTenTik camp accommodation is also available.

“The oTENTik tent offers a unique blend of homey comfort and a taste of outdoor adventure. It’s a unique concept for visitors to enjoy camping with the comfort of a bed and a campsite already set up and ready to go. Each unit includes three beds and can accommodate up to six people.”

parks canada otentik

otentik accomodation interior


For more information about the OTentik accomodations in Canada Parks campground, click here.