Canadian perspectives on everyday life in Canada.

Romanian-Canadian immigrant brings Kurtos Kolac to Vancouver

From Transylvania, the land the gives us Count Dracula, come Kurtos Kolak. It’s been called Kurtos Kolac, Kurtos Kolacs, Kurtos Kalac, Kurtos Kolak, or Kurtus cake, Chimney cake. Originating from Eastern Europe, the Kurtos bread or cake has been traditionally sold at food fairs. Basically, it is made with a sweet bread dough rolled flat, cut into thin little strips, then wrapped around a wooden cone with a handle. The dough is then coated with sugar and the forms placed on a barbecue over heated volcanic rocks. read more

Long Lost Son Returns to China

This is the story of a adopted teenager, Christian Norris who was reunited with his biological parents after being separated for 10 years. His was an unusual case. He was the favored boy, the second son, illegal baby because of the one-child policy. He was raised by his uncle and grandmother. One day, during a bus excursion, he was lost in a crowded bus station, and ended up in an orphanage and picked up for adoption… read more

Chinese-Canadian Modern Wedding Tea Ceremony

The Chinese has a long history with many traditions dating back to ancient times. One of the strongest tradition is the Chinese wedding ritual of tea ceremony, where the bride and groom offers tea to the parents of both families … read more

The Douglas College Self employment program

This video clip is a submission by Alvin Barrera of, a graduate at the Douglas College Self Employment Program Intake no. 143.  Alvin Barrerra is a Filipino-Canadian immigrant who has recently became an entrepreneur with the launching of his … read more

Jane Mclean – Who?

hollywood actress a Filipino Canadian

Jane McLean is making a mark in the entertainment industry, and Filipino Canadian immigrants are proud to call her one of their own.  Philippine women  are well known for their exotic beauty and Jane McLean is another example.   Indeed!  … read more

Bichon Frise tried to walk on water.

Here is a photo of my dog. He is a bichon frise, with beautiful fluffy fur. He is a young puppy, and he does not understand water. We took him out on the boat this summer vacation, and he behaved perfectly fine staying on the boat. However, when we took him ashore, he got confused. First, he had fun jumping up and down on the beach, then he thought the water looked so inviting, and in his mind, water is just another type of floor surface, so he simply stepped right in. Splash! and then he just cried. read more