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Baptist Church Ladies Peanut Butter Squares


It’s Christmas time soon, and our church is having a Christmas Craft and Bake Sale to raise funds for our Youth Mission to South Africa. So, I used a recipe from my Aunt who used to run the Black Cat … read more

Romancing China

“What took you so long?” For the first time, since Stephen Harper became Prime Minister of Canada, he visited China with his wife, Laureen Harper on a 5-day scheduled official visit. Premier Wen Jiao Bao gently chided the Prime Minister … read more

Inukshuk Blog Award for edutainment

Inukshuk (ee-nook-shook or ee-nook-sook) is an Inuktitut word that means to look like a person (an Inuk). They are stone monuments erected in the image of humans and have been used by the Inuit people of Canada to mark high points of land, good hunting and fishing spots or the way home. A blog that has received our Inukshuk award is a way of us marking the blogs we like and sharing this to the blog community. read more

Canadian Immigrant’s Halloween Surprise

This new Canadian immigrant was delightfully surprised with the Canadian Halloween tradition. She finds the practice amusing and a little wasteful. “Coming from a third world country, I found it hard to waste a pumpkin, when it could be food. When I helped my kindergarten son carved his pumpkin, I wanted to save every pulp and every seed and made them into food.” Read about the amusing experience as viewed from the perspective of a new Canadian immigrant. read more

Canadian Thanksgiving 2009

“Thanksgiving weekend is a time when Canadians everywhere pause for the weekend to celebrate with family, friends and communities. “Many Canadians use the long weekend to catch up with loved ones, take a break from hectic lives and take part in activities that remind them how important those around them truly are. read more