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2014 Year of the Horse

This year is the year of the Horse.  January 30, 2014 is the last day of the Lunar year, and January 31, 2014 marks the first day of the new year.

You will see symbols of the horse everywhere including IKEA the Swedish furniture store.  Chinatowns around the world will be having big celebrations – dragon dance or a lion dance, and firecrackers.


To find out what celebrities were born in the year of the Horse, here they are.

Famous Horse people include:
Historical figures: Nelson Mandela, Genghis Khan
U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt
Russian President Boris Yeltsin
Actors James Dean, Clint Eastwood, and Harrison Ford
Singers Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Paul McCartney and Janet Jackson

and more…..
Rowan Atkinson, Ingmar Bergman, Halle Berry, Jackie Chan, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner, Cindy Crawford, James Dean, Clint Eastwood, Britt Ekland, Linda Evans,  Bob Geldof, Gene Hackman, Rita Hayworth, Katherine Heigl, Jimmy Hendrix, Barbara Streisand, Keifer Sutherland, Raquel Welch, John Travolta, Michael York.


Here is a row of horse statues in front of a Shanghai department store.

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