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7 Skills to put on resume

Here are 7 skills to put on resume that can help you attract attention and gain the interview you needed.  Whether you are applying for a white collar or a blue collar job, these are basic skills an employer looks for.

In addition to your education and work experience, an employer looks for skills in your resume that tells them how well you can adapt in the workplace.

1.  Ability to work in a team.  Being good at your trade or profession is no longer enough in today’s working world.   Employers are looking for social intelligence, ability to get along with co-workers and work in a team.

2. Listening and oral communications.   Ability to listen to instructions and communicate with other people is an essential skill all employers look for.

3. Computer Savvy.  Today’s wired world means that everyone is using the computer for emails, report writing, job estimates,  project presentations.

4. Written communication skills.  It is not enough to know how to speak and communicate, written skills are also important.  This means that you can write and spell.  Luckily, today’s software have spellcheckers that can help overcome this obstacle.

5.  Quick learning skills.  Today’s changing technology means that workers need to cope with new production methods, new software, new technologies.  It is important to be open and enthusiastic about learning and adapting new skills.

6.  Organization skills/setting priorities.   There are always work demands and time constraints.  The ability to organize and set priorities is an asset all employers appreciate.

7.  Report preparation/presentation skills.   Depending on the job you are applying for, presentation skills and report preparation can be an asset.

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