Canadian celebrities

This Famous Canadian is Half Dutch-Half Chinese

Half Dutch, Half Chinese, this is one of the many faces of The New Canadians.   Kristin Kreuk is a second generation child of immigrants.  She was born and raised in Canada, attended school in North Vancouver, BC and  she possesses … read more

Jane Mclean – Who?

hollywood actress a Filipino Canadian

Jane McLean is making a mark in the entertainment industry, and Filipino Canadian immigrants are proud to call her one of their own.  Philippine women  are well known for their exotic beauty and Jane McLean is another example.   Indeed!  … read more

Russell Peters – What Makes Him Tick?

What is it that propels this ordinary looking guy to stardom, and how does he manage to tickle so many of us to laughter? He is the son of Indo-Canadian immigrant parents, born in Toronto and raised in Brampton, Ontario. For a while, he was just a brown skinned kid in a white society, always on the outside. He learned to take note of the small differences in all races and culture. Today, he is a successful comedian playing on jokes about race, culture and class. He bonds with his audience regardless of background. He is extremely popular and well-received all around the world. His Youtube videos are viewed by over 20 million people and his website receives 10,000 hits a day… read more

Sandra Oh and Father

She is the daughter of middle-class Canadian Korean immigrants. Her father is a Canadian-Korean businessman and her mother, a bio-chemist. Coming from a family of scientists, lawyer and academics, she broke the mould of a typical Canadian-Korean family, by going into movies. She applied the same hardworking ethics of Canadian immigrant families but into a different field, and succeeded. What’s so admirable is that Sandra Oh is not particularly beautiful in the western definition of beauty, yet she managed to make a career in Hollywood just out of sheer talent and hard work. read more

Getting Married for a Resident Visa

Hollywood tackles the problem of immigration with a simple solution, get married. In the movie “The Proposal” starring Ryan Reynolds, a 32 year old Canadian actor from Vancouver, (he is the real-life husband of Scarlet Johanssen). Ryan plays the role of an ambitious American assistant to a Canadian boss (Sandra Bullock) of a US publishing firm. Faced with a deportation order for working illegally in the USA, Bullock bullied Reynolds into marrying her to get her immigration papers. read more