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Kate Middleton in Prabal Gurung Silk Floral Dress

Singaporeans can be proud of their export, Parang Gurung, who was born in Singapore, now is famous as a Nepalese American designer residing in New York City.

In the Diamond Jubilee 2012 Tour visit to Singapore, the princess Kate Middleton wore a variation of Prabal Gurung’s design from his Spring Summer 2012 Collection. Hence once more, the world now knows and hears of Prabal Gurung. Prabal Gurung is also know for dressing the American first Lady Michelle Obama. This shimmery silk floral dress is a more conservative version of his very chic and sexy dresses featured in his collection.

He was surprised to find Kate Middleton wearing his design. “It was so surreal, I still can’t believe it is actually happening to me! For a new designer to have Kate wearing one of my designs is major – and for it to happen during New York Fashion Week is even more extraordinary.”

Prabal Gurung is known for his diversity and he always have some Asian models at his fashion show. “It’s important to have that diversity,” says Mr. Gurung. “In this day and age, where places like China, Asian countries and Brazil have more buying power, you have to kind of beware of it and reflect that.”

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