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Natural Cough Remedy – Ginger Honey Lemon

There seems to be a bad bout of coughs and colds going around not just in Vancouver but other places as well. Mine started with a sore throat which persisted for days, then graduating to coughs. I tried Nitetime capsules, … read more

Wok tossed Garlic Chili Edamame with Sea Salt


Edamame is the latest trendy appetizer dish in Vancouver that is now appearing in the menus of many restaurants. Originally a Japanese dish, Vancouverite restaurants are adding new twists to this simple dish. At Rockford Grill, I was enchanted with … read more

Vancouver Latin Fever

According to the 2006 census there are approximately 2,000,000 population in the Greater Vancouver Regional District, with 1.36% of the population of Latin American origin. This translate to almost 30,000 Hispanic people or Latino. Vancouver Latin Fever is the online … read more