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Try this Magic Trick

1. To Start, click the right arrow button. 2. To view the slideshow full screen. Hit the Toggle icon – which is the very last icon on the right hand of the screen. the very last icon on the lower … read more

Immigrant entrepreneurs honored at Douglas College self employment 2011 EYA event

eya-2011 Vancouver, BC October 20, 2011.    According to Statistics Canada, About 19% of micro-enterprise owners are not born in Canada. In Quebec, Manitoba/ Saskatchewan and the Atlantic region less than 10% of the entrepreneurs are immigrants. In contrast, in Ontario, … read more

Canadian Medical Missions Society Annual Fundraising Event

September 1, 2011.  The Canadian Medical Mission Society (CMMS) issues invitations to Canadians living in the Metro Vancouver to its annual Fall Celebration to raise funds needed to support its medical mission to the Philippines.  This fundraising event is the … read more

Maria Aragon, a Filipino-Canadian from Winnpeg became international star

When Prince William and Kate Middleton attended the July 1 Canada Day celebration, Maria Aragon, a Filipino-Canadian sang Canada’s national anthem “O Canada”, in both English and French. Meeting celebrities and royalties is not something new to Maria Aragon.  She … read more

Netflix Canada provides access to Foreign Movies


Canadians often watch in envy what their neighbour Americans get.   For instance,  Netflix was introduced much earlier to the USA with better features and access to more movies. Nonetheless, the recent free one month trial membership with Netflix Canada and … read more

Caribbean Days Festival 2011 North Vancouver


Thanks to the Trinidad and Tobago Cultural Society of BC, every July of the year, BC residents get a taste of the Caribbean or the Carnival through the Caribbean Days Festival. The Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is an annual event … read more

Trinidad and Tobago Society of BC

Every July of the year, BC is treated to a festival of drums, music, fun, dance, good food…. flamboyant costumes with plenty of exotic feathers, sequins, …  called the Carribean Days Festival. All thanks to the volunteers at the Trinidad … read more

Kate Middleton noticeably Skinny on Canada Visit

photo of Kate Middleton before and after her wedding Canadians have been following Kate Middleton ever since the Royal Engagement was announced. When the Royal Couple finally visited Canada in July of 2011, Kate Middleton was noticeably much skinnier than … read more

Accent Reduction Techniques for new Canadians


On July 9, AFCA-BC hosted an accent reduction workshop for its members at the Bonsour Community Centre in Burnaby. Andy Krieger, who discovered the K Method – a very simple five step method of accent reduction led this workshop. Andy … read more