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Pet Sitting Service – A growing business

Dogs are social animals, and love company. They also need daily walks and exercises at least once, and preferably twice a day. Without proper attention, dogs can be destructive and manifest behavioral problems. Older arthritic dogs who are not so agile, may not adjust well to new surroundings. If you are travelling and will be away from your pet, consider giving your pets quality care by using a pet sitting service. If you love pets and are considering self-employment, consider this: the startup cost is low and this is a type of business that cannot be outsourced to a third world country. read more

How to Immigrate to Canada

”My Immigrаtion Consultаnt”. is an e-book developed to help “prospective but not so finаnciаlly fortunаte” immigrаnts who plan on immigrating to Cаnаdа. It details all the possible categories by which a person can apply to come to Canada. Learn about the Canadian immigration point calculator, which will help you determine if you would qualify under the Canada immigration point system. You will need a total of 67 points to qualify under Canada’s immigration points system. If you are a skilled worker, this may be a very good option for you for immigrating to Canada. From establishing the Immigration Class you best fit in, what is required, how to PROPERLY evaluate yourself, where and how to apply and finally your preparation for a successful interview at the Canadian Embassy. read more

Job Discrimination against Foreign Sounding Names

Job discrimination against foreign sounding names is confirmed based on a UBC Research Study of 6000 mock resumes sent out to 2000 online job postings in 20 categories in the Toronto area. “The findings suggest that a distinct foreign-sounding name may be a significant disadvantage on the job market even if you are a second- or third-generation citizen,” said Philip Oreopoulos, a professor of economics at UBC who led the research. read more

L2 Accent Reduction Centre – An interview

  Many immigrants face barriers to good job opportunities because of their strong accents.  A foreign accent means that you are either new to the country, or not born in this country, which translate to:  “No Canadian job experience”.  Jennifer … read more

Recession Brings About Rise of New Entrepreneurs

The current recession is sparking a new wave of small business startups in Canada as more and more Canadians who were laid-off from work are taking pro-active steps in reorganizing their affairs.   This new breed of entrepreneurs resulting from poor … read more