Big Taiwan mangoes

Big Taiwan mangoes at T&T Supermarket

One of the best things that happened to Vancouver is the presence of several T&T Supermarkets that make food  shopping such a delight.

Food shopping at T&T Supermarket is almost like travelling to a foreign market.  There is always something new.  This time, it is the Taiwan mangoes that caught my attention.  They are so huge they almost looked like Papaya.  I could not resist taking a photo of a Taiwan mango beside a Philippine mango.  I have seen big Thailand mangoes which are big, but this time T&T is selling Taiwan mangoes and they are bigger than any Thailand mangoes I’ve seen.   Taiwan mangoes sell for almost $10.00 each while Thailand mangoes are about half the price.

Whether Taiwan mangoes actually taste better than Philippine mango or not, I am not willing to pay the $10 to find out.

Anyone out there who has tasted Taiwan mango or Thailand mango and who can give an opinion.   I have tried Philippine and Mexican mango, and I find the Mexican mango too stringy.

Anyway, with the abundance of the different mangoes at T&T, I will be trying out more mango recipes,  in salads, main course or dessert.


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