Touchsquid Announces Free Keyboard Mouse App for Android Smartphones and Tablets

November 16, 2012. Vancouver, BC. Touchsquid Technology announces the release of a Free Keyboard Mouse App for Android Smartphones and Tablets. This app turns your Android Smartphone or tablet into a wireless mouse and keyboard, and the app is completely free.

With this app, you can use your current Smartphone (or repurpose a spare Smartphone or tablet) into a wireless mouse that features left, center, and right click buttons, two finger scrolling, click dragging, two finger right clicking, and a bunch of other customization options. This app also allows you to enter text via your Smartphone’s keyboard, while also displaying the text on the device’s screen, so you won’t have to squint to see what you are typing on your computer or television display.

Using the Touchsquid Keyboard and Mouse app, you can turn off your computer, browse the directory listings, view movies, slides, photos from the comfort of your bed or couch. The companion desktop software is also entirely free and available for PC computer, so as long as you have a working home Wi-Fi network, you should be good to go. Simply go to to download this software.

Setup is extremely easy, and you can install the desktop software on multiple machines and access them all from the app. This type of software is perfect for anyone who connects their computer to a larger display, such as a television, for easy control from the sofa.

A more sophisticated version called the PC Media Keyboard Mouse App is also available on Google Play for only $1.99. This version has a Windows Media Center Remote screen, with all the shortcuts assign to buttons with appropriate icons.

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