Accent Reduction Techniques for new Canadians

Accent Reduction Techniques for new Canadians

On July 9, AFCA-BC hosted an accent reduction workshop for its members at the Bonsour Community Centre in Burnaby. Andy Krieger, who discovered the K Method – a very simple five step method of accent reduction led this workshop.

Andy Krieger is famous for having taught Jackie Chan, Hongkong based martial arts movie star. Andy Krieger has taught over 7500 students coming from China, Japan, Taiwan, El Salvador, Hongkong and the Philippines. Other movie stars he coached include Crystal Liu Yi Fei, and Li Bing Bing who both starred in the movie “Forbidden Kingdom”.

There is the generally unspoken truth – that new Canadians who speak with heavy foreign accents are usually perceived as not being too smart. This can be a hindrance when it comes to securing good jobs or getting promotions. For this purpose, AFCA-BC, the Association of Filipino Canadian Accountants hosted the Accent Reduction Workshop for the benefit of its accountant members.

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