Wok tossed Garlic Chili Edamame with Sea Salt

stir-fry-garlic-sea-salt-edamameEdamame is the latest trendy appetizer dish in Vancouver that is now appearing in the menus of many restaurants. Originally a Japanese dish, Vancouverite restaurants are adding new twists to this simple dish.

At Rockford Grill, I was enchanted with their version of edamame, which is wok stir fried with garlic chili oil, sea salt and onion flakes. Here is the recipe I concocted in my attempt to duplicate what I had at the restaurant. If anyone has a better variation, please leave a comment.

Here are the steps:
1. Boil the frozen edamame (in their shells) according to the package instruction – usually around 3-5 minutes to give it a crunchy taste. Frozen edamame are already cooked, so do not overcook or the beans will turn soft and mushy.
2. Remove and let cool.
3. Pat dry.
4. Heat garlic chili oil in a hot wok.
5. Add dried onion flakes.
6. Add the edamame and toss in wok.
7. Sprinkle with sea salt.

The flavourings are all in the shell. The idea is that as you shell the edamame beans, you lick the shell to get the toasty spice and sea salt. I can imagine that a black bean sauce variation would be yummy….

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