Bill C428 Is it good for Canada?

bill-c428Let us hear your comments!!!

Bill C-428 is an act to reduce the residency requirement for old age security pension from the existing 10 years to 3 years.

This bill had first reading in the house on June 18, 2009. It was seconded by Bob Rae! MP Ms Ruby Dhalla who introduced the bill represents the riding of Brampton whose population is largely new immigrants. Under the current rule, one must have lived in Canada for 10 years in order to qualify for Old Age Security. Ruby Dhalla proposes that the time be reduced to 3 years. Canadians are worried that this bill could potentially be abused, and many could come to Canada when they are 62 years old, never having worked or contributed to this country’s tax system, etc and qualify for full Old Age Security benefits. 10 years minimum residency requirement is reasonable as this is the general standard for other developed countries with a similar system.

What do you think?

8 comments on “Bill C428 Is it good for Canada?

  1. I think it’s insane. This is an attempt by the Liberals to garner more votes from people who are new to Canada. Nothing at all against new Canadians, but come on.

  2. As a retiree who has lived & worked in Canada all my life, this would be an insane change. I do NOT feel that I should be paying extra taxes for someone who has just arrived. Is this why some would come? Would it be retroactive? I can just hear my pension taxes going up. Now I’m off to vote!!!

  3. No No No! This is totally unfair to the Canadians who have lived and worked here for all their lives.

  4. No way I think they should raise it to 15 years required for residence. It is totally unfair and unreasonable to think you can recieve a pension for being in the country for only 3 years. We would have a flood of seniors not only draining the pension system but the medical system also. Canadian Pension on the other hand should not of been raised as far as the penalty goes for early retirement. What is this government thinking introducing more penalties for early retirement what they want us to collect one month and then die? Encouraging people to work until 70 is unrealastic and really how productive would the work force be with an aging poplulation. Most Canadians work hard all their lives and if they are welling and able that is one thing but to impose more penalities when the end of baby boomers are approaching 60 I think that is unfair and discrimatory for that age group and forced to continue to work for a benefit they pay into. Maybe they should of imposed a number of years and age to early retirement with minimum penalty. From 25 up to 37 is quite the hike.

  5. My family came to Canada in the 60′s to live with my grandfather. My father took a menial job to support the family ,pay the rent ,put food on the table.Back then salary was about $40. PER WEEK. My parents were able to raise 5 children and buy a house and live comfortably, but still work till their sixty’s.My mother never got to enjoy the fruits of her labour for the forty years that she worked…she passed away at the age of sixty six…it’s pretty sad that you have to work all your life and you can’t ever enjoy your retirement that you look forward to. It does not matter where you come from ,you need to contribute to society ,pay you taxes, you cannot expect to get something for nothing. Waiting for 10 years is nothing. People who came to Canada should expect to work .The Government should get people integrated and should MAKE IT CLEAR TO PEOPLE THAT THEY HAVE TO WORK IF THEY WANT TO BENEFIT FROM CANADA’S RICHES.

  6. In 1969 myself, husband and 7 children all immigrated here to call Canada our new home, we had to pass physicals, had to have so many points to get in also the $ required. Did we object, NO, did we expect to get something for nothing NO, we all have become productive people in our chosen country and province. I now receive OAS & CPP, but it is a matter of doing without some luxuries that I would like to have, but I am not destitute, but it would sure be nice if they increased our pensions instead of giving it away to people that have NOT lived and worked here. My children, baby boomers will be reaching the pension age, and what will they get after years of working. It has been mentioned that we should all come here as refugees or wanting asylum and get a much larger pension. The hones hard working people that have built this great nation do not want that, What we want is a FAIR DEAL, not giving to people that have not earned that right. Thanks for the venting, hope this does some good.

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