Afghan-Canadian immigrant is Oprah of Afghanistan


Vancouver-raised Mozhdah Jamalzadah immigrated to Canada at the young age of five with her parents and two younger brothers from war-torn Kabul, Afghanistan. Eventually, they settled in Vancouver, BC, where Mozhdah Jamalzadah attended high school at John Oliver Secondary, then went on to study broadcast journalism at British Columbia Institute of Technology, politics and philosophy at the University of British Columbia and opera at the British Columbia Conservatory of Music.

Mozhdah Jamalzadah was invited to White House in Washington D.C. in March 2010 for International Womens Day, where she sang one of her new songs called “Dukhtare Afghan.” Mozhdah performed for Mr. and Mrs. Obama and their guests.

Canada gave Mozhdah Jamalzadah a good education and tremendous opportunities in terms of career and personal growth not available to women in Afghanistan. Today, she considers it her obligation to go back to Afghanistan and give back to her countrymen. When offered a one-year deal to host her own TV talk show called “MOZHDAH” in Kabul, Mozhdah took the offer even though it is considered a dangerous proposition, especially for a western-minded woman to be residing in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Now dubbed the “Oprah of Afghanistan, her talk show called “MOZHDAH” has a tremendous following amongst the millions of Afghanistan women who adores their very own megastar.

See Mohzdah Jamalzadah performs at the White House in March 2010 at the International Women’s Day.

9 comments on “Afghan-Canadian immigrant is Oprah of Afghanistan

  1. What an inspirational and brave young woman, hopefully she can make a difference and stay safe in Kabul.

  2. Why the Americans are promoting her more … why? what is the reason behind this…..Afghanistan got more talented and good singers which got golden voices that noone else have in Afghanistan….Muzhda Jamalzadah is a singer which is born in foreign country….and she is the one that cannot even sing afghani songs grammatically correct ….and also she doesnt have a voice which must be this much famouse…. She is promoted and being granted to sing inside the white house…..why not Farhad Darya was asked for this…. Why not Naghma….Why not the golden voices of Afghanistan but she …..

  3. Oprah just took an entire audience to a trip. I guess she’ll be doing something like that too like take them home to Canada where they’ll be safe.

  4. fahim, the reason she was asked to go and perform to the white house was because she is a young and talented afghan-american girl, shes sets a good example to others and the reason farhad darya didnt get chosen is because it was national womens week and they were appreciating women, so why would farhad darya go?

  5. America promtes prostitutes that`s why. She cannot represent Afghan girls, because she is no more than a western pro.

  6. @ Masood,
    men like you are the reason why our country is destroyed during other countries are developed. Indeed to support the afghanish women ,afghanish men are jealous.
    Look in the mirror and ask yourself what are you doing for your country? I am sure you are doing nothing, so I think your the bitch and stop to being jealous and starting to support our people. Idiot!!!

  7. thanks for you great Comment Dear Mariam your indeed rightly said.because of such Idiot people we are suffering since 30 year’s and we cannot grow up and staying in a backward area of world, and the name of our nation out Country is totally spoiled, now a days being as an afghan no one support us and no one give us value its all because of such idiots and dirty mind community and suck people we do suffer, lets stop rationality and such useless topic and do something Good and show to the world that we are the real human being and kind people among others.
    cheer’z. for a Long live and peaceful Afghanistan.
    Faiz: Mumbai India

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