Latincouver brings salsa and music to Vancouver

latincouverAccording to Statistics Canada 2006, Latin Americans constitute one of the top 10 visible minority groups in Vancouver, numbering approximately 30,000 in total with latinos from different countries bound by one common language and the love for salsa music and dancing.

In 2008, a group of dedicated Latinos got together to form a group called Latincouver, with a mission to bring together Latin Americans and Latinophiles living in Vancouver to strengthen and celebrate the richness of the Latin cultures.  Today, the team has grown to include Latin Americans from a range of different countries including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Mexico and Spain, Portugal and Canada.

Latincouver does not limit itself to Latinos, but rather reach out to Vancouverites and act as a much-needed bridge between Vancouver’s rapidly growing Latin American communities and other groups in the multicultural landscape of our city.

For anyone interested in finding out more about the organization, simply visit the *Latincouver* website which functions as a virtual “Plaza Latina” where members can share information and resources, including business listings, sporting and cultural events, dance and language classes, and a Latin American “buy and sell”. Vancouver’s Latin American communities are growing in number and diversity. As they make Vancouver their home, Latin Americans bring contributions in art, music, culture, business and cuisine, among others. They want to share these contributions not only with each other, but equally with Metro Vancouver residents from other backgrounds. *Latincouver* is a way to help connect with each other, raise the profile of our communities, and help others discover what Latin American countries have to offer.

One comment on “Latincouver brings salsa and music to Vancouver

  1. Hello,
    we just wanted to thank you for adding us to your website.
    We hope we can keep in touch and if it is anything we can do for the New please let us know. we will be happy that we can share some stories with your organization.

    We are putting a bit event on July 31st ” El Carnaval del Sol, we hope you can join us and tell others about this event.

    Have a great day!
    Paola V Murillo
    Founder& Director of

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