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robert-herjavec-famous-canadian-immigrantHe is famous as a successful Canadian entrepreneur, but today Robert Herjavec is more famous internationally, as one of the dragons in the Canadian Dragon Den, or one of the sharks in the USA TV show Shark Tank.

Robert Herjavec is a Croatian-Canadian entrepreneur and businessman who has lived the classic “rags to riches” story. The son of Croatian immigrants, he earned his  wealth through pure hard work and intuition. He never forgets how his mother, who could hardly speak English, lost the family savings to a smooth-talking vacuum salesman. This made an impression on Robert, and he vowed to never be taken advantage of again.

Born in Zbjeg, Croatia, Robert Herjavec immigrated with his family to Canada at the age of ten, eventually settling in the Toronto neighbourhood of Rexdale.   He attended New College at the University of Toronto, and began his business career with IBM mainframe sales.

In his early 1990′s, Robert worked as a waiter at a fancy Yorkville restaurant while at the same time launching BRAK Systems, which soon became Canada’s top provider of Internet security software. BRAK Systems was sold to AT&T in 2000 for $100 million, and Herjavec took a position there as VP of Internet Security. He subsequently became VP of Sales at RAMP Networks, which was later sold to Nokia for $225 million. In 2003, Herjavec founded The Herjavec Group, a security software company, of which he is presently the CEO. Herjavec is also a venture capitalist.

Herjavec currently lives in his palatial 50,000 square foot mansion in the Bridle Path neighbourhood of North York,which reputedly hosted celebrity visitors including Michael Buble and Mike Jagger.  He also stars in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation series Dragons’ Den, which airs on both the CBC and CBC Newsworld; he was also selected by Mark Burnett to appear on Shark Tank, the U.S. version of Dragons’ Den.

Robert Herjavec knows how to enjoy life and its luxuries.  In his leisure, he jets to his private island near Miami or cruises Yorkville in one of his many luxury cars.

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  1. Wow, he has really accomplished a lot in his life. He’s a great example for all immigrants and all people in general – if you’re determined you can achieve greatness.

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