Association of Filipino Canadian Accountants of BC

afca-bc-logoThe Association of Filipino Canadian Accountants in British Columbia (AFCA-BC), was successfully established in Vancouver, B.C. in early 2008. AFCA-BC finally became a reality through the hard work and perseverance of its dedicated 7 founding members: Angelito Aurellado, Vance Noriega, Mel and Carmen Cruz, Cecilio Sanchez, Thelma Siglos and Meredith Yu

For a number of years, the NCPACA and FAACPA (Filipino American Association of Certified Public Accountants in Washington State), have aspired for the establishment of a Vancouver chapter. Diplomatic work by FAACPA past presidents Vance Noriega and Ben Pascual and assistance from AFCA Toronto past president Bobby dela Cruz forged good relationships in Vancouver and eventually brought traction to the formation of the AFCA-BC chapter. With the capable and dynamic leadership of Thelma Siglos as the first president, the group of 7 developed the chapter’s structure, vision, and first year activities.

To date, the organization is on its third year with the leadership of its current president, Shirley Shannon.  For 2010, AFCA-BC awarded two bursaries to students of St. Patrick’s High School graduates for their studies in Business.  AFCA-BC continues to participate in the mentoring connections program in cooperation with the Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISS of BC).

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One comment on “Association of Filipino Canadian Accountants of BC

  1. Congrats for creating this organization, a great achievement that will inspire Pinoy accountants to settle in BC.

    I would like to know if accountant jobs are flourishing in BC. Are these jobs in demand nowadays or less in demand as the economy still on the process of recovery?

    I am planning to land in Canada early next year just wants to know the accounting profession status in BC.

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